Writing and the 4th Grader

Writing is a very important part of fourth grade. By the beginning of fourth grade, handwriting should be very legible in both print and cursive and your student should be able to communicate thoughts and ideas as well as be creative with their writing. Fourth graders should continue reviewing parts of speech and become better at using them. Your child will have fun learning how to use the written word to be persuasive, informative, and to express themselves in many different ways. It’s a fun time!

By the end of the year, fourth graders should be able to:
-Understand the parts of a sentence
-Use a broader vocabulary
-Recognize and use proper punctuation
-Write in cursive neatly
-Use different sentence types appropriately
-Use the writing process to compose
-Use both simple and compound sentence structure

Writing is a great way for children to express themselves. More importantly, learning the correct way to compose and write effectively will bring self satisfaction that will follow them through to adulthood and into the job force. A great writer can be the winning touchdown over someone that is mediocre with their writing skills. Now is the time to help your student to learn and build on those skills.

The Social World of the 4th Grader

Fourth graders are learning the ins and outs of the social world. As they leave elementary school behind, they climb into the social whirlwind. They begin to recognize that “popular” is the most desirable status to have and usually work very hard to attain that status. A social network of friends is very important. Maintaining friendships at the same level is the tricky part for the fourth grader. A bff (best friend forever) today, may very well be the worst enemy on earth tomorrow. Sound scary? It still does to me!

What’s important is that you teach your child what’s right and wrong. They won’t always adhere to exactly what you teach, but they always keep it in the back of their mind. Learning to resolve conflict, is an important part of the fourth graders life. Staying in touch with how your child is progressing and feeling is very important. Talk with them and let them know you are always available, no matter what.