Math sigh…

Math in our house is always a debate!!!!!!

With the invention of the calculator my kids never seem to tire of asking, why do we have to learn what calculators can do for us?
LOL! I must admit, in a way agree but, still we all must learn how to get there the ol’ fashioned way called the brain  ; )
So today my kids were practicing their multiplication tables writing them out on paper. O’ how I hated writing them out but, it taught me how to remember them so I force my children to learn them like I did. Of course, I share with them my secret way to learn the 9’s using your hands which they thought was cool… Math ~> who knew it could be cool  B-)

Sports a (home) school tradition

So my child wants to be a cheerleader! I believe that sports are very important part of growing up. Whether a child is in public/private school or homeschooled this is a tradition one should not miss out on. So yesterday we went and signed her up through our county rec. dept., she was so excited!  I am hoping she has a lot of fun and it will just come natural to her. I have always wanted to learn a talent myself but, was never fortunate enough to get the chance. So of course, you now how it goes, always want your kids to have what you didn’t. She will be starting lessons next week so I am also super excited! I want her to have just as many opportunities if not more then public school children. As we all know, cheer leading is a part of the “school” process for most kids  🙂