Pizza “pie”

Nothing like making homemade pizza to teach pie graphs. This afternoon I had my daughter help me mix the dough up and pat it our in the shape of a circle, then I had her measure out the sauce and cheese.  Afterwards we put lots of yummy toppings on. Then I explained that this was in the shape of a pie graph and just like on paper that when cut it is then like a math problem. I then had her tell me what her share of the pie was etc.

I think we both really enjoyed math today 😉

Life is the Text Book

I believe that anything can be a learning experience with a little bit of effort…

A few days ago I had to go to the store and do some shopping and I decided to take my oldest with me for a lil bit of mommy time. Unfortunately, as we were leaving, my car battery would not crank. Ugh! Thankfully I was in the Wal-mart parking lot and they had a area to change it for me. So after they jumped me, off we pulled around back I thought, “hmmmmm….learning opportunity!” 🙂
So I allowed my daughter to watch them test the battery and change it out. She was very curious asking tons of questions (Kinda felt bad for the tech, lol) I really think this experience has opened up the world of mechanics for her and that is a good thing!

Text books and computers are great but nothing compares to the text book we call life ; )