Sew Christmas is almost here

So today we were in the fabric store shopping. My daughter loves to sew and has been making her dolls clothes for a while now. Recently she has been asking to make herself some clothes. I thought, “Sure, why not?” So we were at the store and it was so cute how she was going through all the fabrics like a lil’ Diva so picky and knowing just what she wanted, lol!  She ended up picking out some red fabric with some glitter all over it. She said she wanted to make a “Christmas outfit”. So we came home and she got her measuring tape out and measured herself and then cut her fabric and sewed it together making herself a skirt. She was proud of it! She did a really good job for her first piece of homemade clothing. Like I always say, learning can come in all forms 0<):?)

Little women

I just love our library book club for the children. Lately they have been reading  the book “Little Women”. I remember when I first read this book and it is just so neat to see my child read it for the first time as well. I love how she will come to me after her meetings and tell what she has read. Like I said, I have read this book and also have watched this story many times but still  I try to act surprised so that her joy isn’t dulled at all.