Is your child gifted?

This is a question many parents find themselves asking.  Each family has their own reasons for choosing to homeschool, but for many parents of gifted kids, homeschooling is an excellent option.  Public schools are stretched with tight budgets and overcrowded classrooms, and even those with gifted programs have likely had their budgets cut in recent years.  Besides that, gifted programs in public schools are limited by what the school district considers appropriate materials to teach, and curious, intellectual children may want to explore something completely different.  Instead of pushing a child in a certain direction, as happens in public school, homeschooling allows a gifted child to explore their interests in depth.  As we all know, kids learn best when the material is interesting to them!

Whatever curriculum you choose, the basics will still need to be covered.  Math, reading , spelling, writing, science, and history.   These are the staples in any student’s life.  But the manner in which you teach these subjects, and the speed at which a gifted child is able to master a lesson and move on to the next one, varies a great deal.

homeschooling on the computer

Most 4th graders these days are pretty adept at computer skills.  So much of our lives is handled through computers these days, from scheduling our days to storing family photos, so it’s no wonder a vast array of options for homeschooling has developed utilizing computers.   There are several publishers that market CD-ROM programs with everything you need for a given grade.  The student can sit at the computer and work almost completely on their own.

Of course, the parent will still need to help out, particularly if the child finds a particular concept difficult.  Homeschooling parents can also choose to supplement the curriculum with other materials of their choosing, as needed.  This is a great option for parents of multiple children or those homeschooling with a baby or toddler who also needs their time.

Computer skills are an invaluable part of modern society, and starting kids on the computer by 4th grade can be quite beneficial to their long term education.