Even in the world of homeschooling, there are some constants and there are some things that are constantly changing.  One option currently popular with parents is to hire a tutor for subjects in which parents may not be proficient.  This isn’t a completely new idea, of course, especially as kids get into the high school years and need help with their calculus homework!  My own daughter takes Spanish lessons from a tutor, since I don’t speak Spanish myself.   Tutoring is a great option to consider in trying to round-out your child’s homeschooling curriculum.  You can really round-out some of the areas you might be weak in as an instructor, and keep those weak areas from developing in your child’s knowledge base too.

My child hates creative writing!

I know it’s something I need to push, but on the other hand, it’s probably pretty normal to dislike creative writing.  Did you ever have to do that writing experiment in elementary school where the teacher makes you close your eyes for a minute and try to clear your mind?  Then you open your eyes and write down whatever pops into your head.  Most kids hate this kind of thing because the lack of direction makes them a bit uncomfortable.  It’s one thing to have a writing assignment, and quite another to be left floundering, trying to figure out what you’re “supposed” to write!

But this sort of experience is a type of creative writing, and sometimes it’s actually quite a good idea to write in a more unstructured and free-flowing way.   In second grade, many kids enjoy telling stories, so you can ask your second grader to write a story, either anything they want, or within certain parameters, and this is a painless and fun introduction to creative writing.