Kids and the Internet

These days most parents know about the dangers of the internet to children. It is up to each parent to decide how much access, if any, to allow their kids on the internet. Should you choose to let your kids explore the world wide web, there are some definite precautions that should be taken and ground rules established. Most of them are obvious, but some may be less apparent.

  • Make sure your kids know not to share personal info with anyone online.
  • Keep all computers/internet accessible electronics in common areas of the home. (no internet in bedrooms, bathrooms or other hidden areas of the home)
  • Set up parental controls on each internet accessible device.
  • Don’t forget to monitor your child’s online history.
  • No internet after a specific time at night.

Don’t forget about the tablets, smart phones, e-reading devices, etc! It seems modern homes have a plethora of windows to the internet! It’s our responsibility as parents to make sure that each one has safety glass to protect them from potentially shattering our childrens’ innocence.