Science is Science

It’s amazing to me, a century after the scopes monkey trials, that there’s still confusion but confusion there is.

Science is science. As I just read on the US Science Website,

Science is science.  Science is not part of a spectrum that includes opinions and religions. Science is backed by the scientific method and scientific facts are scientific facts.

Science is agnostic or secular, it has nothing to do with clock makers or intelligent design or any other thinly veiled religious approach to seeing the world.

Science is science. Much like math.  Beautiful. Pure. Complicated. Evolving. As we learn.

We know so much yet we seem so uneducated and confusing our beliefs and our dreams with what we know to be true. Really weird.



Planning Content for 4th Grade Education

Students really like customized stories about their classroom, their firends, their experiences, and their school.

Some teachers, not that many, can pump out stories which really intrigue their students. This is high interest content for students who like hearing about themselves, which is most of them.  Oddly, most teachers find this difficult to do. They get all hung up on writing well as opposed to coasting on the reality that kids like to hear about themselves.

TAke this example, the unit is suppose to be on collective nouns. A teacher could write a story talking about a school of ish and give them the name and characteristics of hte boys in her class. She could then talk about a herd of sheep and use the girls names.  Finally, she could have a pride of lions and talk about the teachers and admin. For extra credit, she could throw in a congress of baboons and a parliament of owls. Should take a few minutes.


Some homeschool moms did this for their 4th grade homeschool students.

And I quote:L esson plans below provide a detailed list of the language arts and language arts extensions, with brief activity descriptions and learning activity (LA) numbers