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Dee and her husband have been married since 1993. She has been homeschooling her 3 children (boy '98, girl '00, boy '01) for over 10 years. Her youngest child has Asperger's Syndrome. She enjoys crocheting to relieve stress.

Annual Testing

There are different laws in each state regarding annual testing. Some states don’t even require it. However, the majority of us are asked to assess our homeschoolers’ progress each year. In past years I have always waited till mid July to have our testing done. This year it dawned on me, why am I waiting so long?? I should be having it done as soon after we finish for the summer as possible, while the information is still fresh in my students’ minds.

With that in mind, I called our chosen tester to schedule our appointment. She informed me that the test has been updated. Oh, boy! This year the kids will be asked to edit sentences and then write their own sentences. Not something that we have practiced a lot of. Instead of panicking I turned to one of my favorite sites. Time4Writing has some great free resources which will work wonderfully to prepare my kids for this year’s testing.

Homeschool Mom Guilt

I think this is the season when we moms tend to start feeling like we haven’t done enough with our kids during the school year. With summer coming up and testing time looming, we feel the pressure. Sometimes it can help to stop and remember all the non-traditional learning that your kids got during the year. Like that trip to the Renaissance Fair where they got a healthy dose of hands on history. Or the trip to the beach where they learned about low tide, high tide and different types of sea shells. Don’t discount the numerous trips to the park where PE was in play. With a bit of reflection, I think you will discover that you and your kids spent much more time learning than you realize!