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Lately my daughter has been asking me who invented this and who invented that.  I am embarrassed to admit that that I don’t know most of the answers. All I can say is, “Thank you Internet!”

I am very happy that she has this drive to know things. So I have decided to add to our curriculum, “Inventors Throughout Time”. You know what they invented, who they were, how their lives were. Very excited about this too!

I also wanted to include her into this as well so I sat down with her and had her write down a few things that she would like to know who was the inventor.

Below are a few that she was interested in learning about.

1. shoes

2. TV

3. cake/candy

4. cars

5. toys

6. balloons



I believe that in our world a second language is a good thing to teach to your kids. When my daughter was 3 & 4 we used the popular show “Dora the Explorer” to help start the spark  We now use several different books and a wonderful online program called The only problem is sometimes my kids like to talk in Spanish and then, of course, I have to go look up what they’re saying. lol

Sew Christmas is almost here

So today we were in the fabric store shopping. My daughter loves to sew and has been making her dolls clothes for a while now. Recently she has been asking to make herself some clothes. I thought, “Sure, why not?” So we were at the store and it was so cute how she was going through all the fabrics like a lil’ Diva so picky and knowing just what she wanted, lol!  She ended up picking out some red fabric with some glitter all over it. She said she wanted to make a “Christmas outfit”. So we came home and she got her measuring tape out and measured herself and then cut her fabric and sewed it together making herself a skirt. She was proud of it! She did a really good job for her first piece of homemade clothing. Like I always say, learning can come in all forms 0<):?)

Little women

I just love our library book club for the children. Lately they have been reading  the book “Little Women”. I remember when I first read this book and it is just so neat to see my child read it for the first time as well. I love how she will come to me after her meetings and tell what she has read. Like I said, I have read this book and also have watched this story many times but still  I try to act surprised so that her joy isn’t dulled at all.

Pizza “pie”

Nothing like making homemade pizza to teach pie graphs. This afternoon I had my daughter help me mix the dough up and pat it our in the shape of a circle, then I had her measure out the sauce and cheese.  Afterwards we put lots of yummy toppings on. Then I explained that this was in the shape of a pie graph and just like on paper that when cut it is then like a math problem. I then had her tell me what her share of the pie was etc.

I think we both really enjoyed math today 😉

Life is the Text Book

I believe that anything can be a learning experience with a little bit of effort…

A few days ago I had to go to the store and do some shopping and I decided to take my oldest with me for a lil bit of mommy time. Unfortunately, as we were leaving, my car battery would not crank. Ugh! Thankfully I was in the Wal-mart parking lot and they had a area to change it for me. So after they jumped me, off we pulled around back I thought, “hmmmmm….learning opportunity!” 🙂
So I allowed my daughter to watch them test the battery and change it out. She was very curious asking tons of questions (Kinda felt bad for the tech, lol) I really think this experience has opened up the world of mechanics for her and that is a good thing!

Text books and computers are great but nothing compares to the text book we call life ; )

Balance the Allowance

So I am sure most of us give our kids an allowance. I have taken it a step forward and I have given my child a “check book” to balance. I think that, of course, one must teach adding, subtraction, division, etc but they also need to learn how to balance their funds responsibly. So far this year it has been going really well. She has learned to take a percentage and transfer it to her “savings” account. When she wants to make a “major” purchase she consults her financial adviser “mom” 😉
School shouldn’t just be ABC’s & 123’s it should also be about learning things one needs to be successful in life.

State park

Went to our local state park today, it was really nice to get out of the house and shake up the routine a bit. With fall in the air, it was so nice and cool out just loving all the changes taking place.

I also was amazed at how many family’s were in the RV section of the park. Obviously my kids enjoyed making “new’ friends but, it was very interesting to me how many of those families lived full time on the road. My husband and I have thought about going it a year and visiting so many different places (what an educational experience) but never thought to make it a full time thing. I must admit though they all seemed pretty happy and content with this life style and part of me envys them a bit. Hmmmmmm who knows maybe one day 😉

Computer time

So we went to the store today to buy my oldest child her very own lap top. For awhile now she has been using my computer for her online school work. Now that she is in 4th grade I felt that she was ready to have her own computer for school work, research, etc. Let me just say, when we pulled up to the store and walked into the computer area she was so excited! She ended up picking out a Pink Dell. If only she knew that in a way this was a gift for me too, no more sharing my PC either! lol


Some people may not look at art as really being a subject. Some may not realize there is more to art than just paint, glue, clay, etc.  I know that my children love art not only because it is fun but also because it allows them absolute freedom to explore their creativeness and learn about history in a different way.
Learning about different artist and their style, this is what makes art so much more then just something interesting to look at.

One of my personal favorites is Leonardo da Vinci; his Mona Lisa, Last Supper ~>need I say more!

Art to me is one of the best subjects to learn about!