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Science is Science

It’s amazing to me, a century after the scopes monkey trials, that there’s still confusion but confusion there is.

Science is science. As I just read on the US Science Website,

Science is science.  Science is not part of a spectrum that includes opinions and religions. Science is backed by the scientific method and scientific facts are scientific facts.

Science is agnostic or secular, it has nothing to do with clock makers or intelligent design or any other thinly veiled religious approach to seeing the world.

Science is science. Much like math.  Beautiful. Pure. Complicated. Evolving. As we learn.

We know so much yet we seem so uneducated and confusing our beliefs and our dreams with what we know to be true. Really weird.



4th Grade Memories and Lessons

Fourth grade was a big year for me. I started in London at Herewood House. It was all an all boys school where we wore jackets and ties and the rest of the uniform every day. We played football (soccer) twice a week. It was my first year with Latin.

Over the Christmas Holiday we moved to just outside DC on the Maryland side and I went to Somerset Elementary School. Very weird. There were girls in the classroom, I had to wear weird regular clothes, and they played touch football and baseball, neither of which I really understood.

School-wise, I was years ahead and it was a little dull. We had much more advanced reading, vocabulary, math, and history than the US 4th graders so I drifted around acting like a smart ass.  True.

Back to Homeschool!

All the stores are displaying their back-to-school sales at this time of year. You can see class supply lists made available in the stationary isle. You are probably pulling together your list of needed supplies for homeschool. What curriculum will you use this year? How well did last year’s curriculum work out? What do we need to do differently? These are all questions that run through a homeschool mom’s mind as she gears up for the new year. If you are like me, you’ve been pondering these questions all summer and are pretty close to making some decisions. This is one my favorite parts of the school year! Aside from letting out for summer! It’s a brand new start and a chance to avoid the mistakes I made the year before. Of course, I will make different mistakes this year, but my kids and I will learn and grow from them!