Fourth Grade Language Arts, Part Two

In the last post, some of the basics of Language Arts for fourth grade were covered. There is just a little more to be added in this second part.

Reading: A fourth grader’s reading should be varied and ample materials provided. Reading should include short stories, chapter books, poetry, and plays.

Spelling: There’s simply a ton of workbooks and online programs that are helpful and very much worthwhile in teaching fourth grade spelling. The internet is also a great place to search for fourth grade word lists if you are not using a work book. My children absolutely love

Dictionary Skills: Fourth graders should be able to look up a word in a dictionary for it’s meaning and correct spelling. Dictionary use should be common practice on a weekly basis. We love to combine spelling and vocabulary around our house. It has worked well!

Writing Letters/Informal Notes: It is still important to learn to complete a handwritten letter or note. Even in the modern world of texting and emailing, the basic skills of doing it by hand should never be lost.

Simple Outlining: In preparation for writing essays, fourth graders should be able to prepare a simple outline using key points.

Creative Writing: Students should be able to use good grammar and writing skills to create a story. They should be able to investigate their subject matter through a search in encyclopedias, a dictionary, magazines, and on the world wide web. As a parent, I must add that it is extremely important to use parental controls to restrict internet access.

Indexing Skills: Students should be able to use an index.

Newspapers: Fourth graders should be able to utilize the newspaper to read and report on current events.

Cursive Writing: Students should be able to write in cursive legibly.

In part one and part two of fourth grade language arts, I have listed some of the basics that a fourth graders should be comfortable with by the end of the school year. The list is not meant to be all inclusive, but general in nature.

My next post will deal with the basics of fourth grade mathematics.