Fourth Grade Language Arts

Language Arts was always among my favorite subjects in school, and remains so! As with each succeeding grade, fourth grade language arts will be building upon what has already been learned in previous years. This summary has been collectively put together based on my previous homeschool teaching experience and what I’ve learned from a lot of other wonderful teachers, parents and authors along the way.

Silent and Oral Reading: By fourth grade, students should be reading fluently, both aloud and silently. This is a great age to encourage reading for pleasure. Make sure you give your fourth grader access to their favorite reading material by visiting the library and book stores.

Choral Reading: Students should be able to read and recite poems and literature aloud with the appropriate animation to the story.

Listening Skills: Students should be able to listen to a story and be able to recall and re-tell the story in his/her own words. They should also be able to listen attentively to literature without being easily distracted.

Social Interactions: It is important to teach your fourth graders the proper way to introduce themselves and others. Remind them to practice this skill and critique in private.

Telephone skills: This is an important skill often overlooked. Call home and make sure your child can answer the phone politely and take a message if parents are not home, without giving out too much information.

Summarizing information: The student should be able to hear a reasonable amount of information and be able to write a brief summary of what they have heard.

Critical Reading: A fourth grader should be able to read and pull critical information from a story.

To be continued in Fourth Grade Language Arts, Part Two.