Fourth Grade Social Studies

Fourth grade is an exciting time! This year, the major focus is really more on socialization, as opposed to history. Geography is also a major part of the curriculum this year. It’s just my opinion, but I feel that the best way to teach socialization is to “live it”! That leaves more time for history! I really put a lot into social studies. Mainly because it was such a boring subject for me in the public school system. I’ve learned to appreciate social studies, geography and history so much more since my homeschooling days started! So, here’s a list of what should be learned by the end of fourth grade.

-World Cultures: It’s awesome if you can do some world travel, and obviously it’s the best way to teach about other cultures. Traveling around the world in fourth grade is not feasible for most of us, so opting for great reading and pictorial resources is of utmost importance. Movies about different areas is also a great resource.

-Laws: Teaching the moral and social reasons for our laws is fairly easy to discuss and learn with your fourth grader.

-Regions of the World: Use maps and globes to teach your student about regions of the world, continents, countries, and oceans.

-Time zones: Locate a time zone map. They can easily be located by an online search. I often ask my children what time it is in a time zone where other relatives live and make it a fun sort of game.

-Map Skills: Longitude, latitude and scale. Use maps regularly when learning about other areas of the world.

-Using a Globe: Also use the globe as a regular part of your lessons when locating different areas of the world. Discuss the difference between a globe and flat map.

-Climatic Regions of the World: These can be taught in conjunction with learning about different regions of the world.

-Earth’s Resources: Students should learn about the earth’s different resources as well as how they are consumed. I love to teach about being “green” when we talk about earth’s resources. It’s just a great thing to teach your children about how to take care of the earth.

By incorporating these major areas, your fourth grader will be well prepared to enter fifth grade!