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Fourth Grade Homeschool Basics

The wonderful world of 4th graders! I’m very happy to share with you some of my experiences along the way. In the coming weeks, I will cover what your 4th should know or at least be familiar with by the end of the school year. As with all “lists”, it is important to realize that all children are unique individuals and progress at their own speed. Suggestions are general for 4th grade level.

In addition to the basic subject matter that a fourth grader should learn, there are also certain health and safety lessons that a fourth grader should know. Some of these will be common sense subjects and some will require a little effort and time to gather information. These subjects are:

* Personal and mental hygiene
* Dental health
* The body and its functions (also covered in science)
* Skeletal and muscular systems (also covered in science)
* Care and proper use of the body
* Principles of digestion (also covered in science)
* Basic food groups
* Good nutrition habits
* Diseases
* Safety
* Substance abuse

Stay tuned for the next post which will address 4th grade Language Arts, part one.